About Us

Lake Park Swim Club has been in operation for nearly 30 years. During those years, Art Hoch and the staff at Lake Park have provided a family oriented club for the residents of Lake Park and surrounding areas. Lake Park offers competitive swimming, swim instruction, recreational swimming, tennis teams, tennis camps for children, adult volleyball and much more!

The Lake Park Swim Club is located just off the Shelley Lake greenway trail in the Lake Park subdivision. The club offers its members the opportunity to include jogging, biking, and walking in their trips to the pool. One of Lake Park’s unique features is the surrounding trees that provide shade to the pool during much of the day, keeping the water temperature comfortably cool all summer long. Lake Park extends an invitation to visit the club to all persons that may be interested in joining the pool. Contact Stewart Esposito, Owner of the Lake Park Swim Club for further information at (919) 848-8779.

Download the Lake Park Swim Club Brochure

SWIM TEAM: We compete at one of the highest levels of TSA. With over 100 children (from ages 4-18), we compete on Tuesdays with dual meets and championship meets.

TENNIS PROGRAM: Our two lighted tennis courts are open all year long.

SOCIALS & FAMILY EVENTS: Scheduled throughout the summer, these events include: covered dish suppers, adult theme nights, ice cream parties, movie and pizza nights and mini lock-ins. Pig Pickin’s and games for the family are held on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Private parties are available for birthdays, soccer and little league teams, church groups and office parties.

SAND VOLLEYBALL: Two regulation-size sand volleyball courts are open all season long with adult league play on Thursday nights and pick up games on the weekends.

VISITORS DAY: Every Thursday is visitor’s day, with events such as diving for coins, water balloon toss, and belly flop contests.

LESSONS: Swimming and tennis lessons are available throughout the season. We cater to every skill level with experienced professionals teaching the classes.

LAP SWIMMING: An adult swim lane is available at all times, except during swim practice and home meets. For your convenience, the pool is also open for lap swimming in the morning from 6:00 am until 8:00 am.

STAFF: Lake Park is proud of its staff, many of which have grown up in the neighborhood and attended the pool as children. They are devoted to the club and wish to make your experience here a positive one.  We have at least four coaches and six full-time staff members.  Two to four guards are on duty at all times for your safety. If your child is eight years old or older and can pass the deep-water swim test, he or she may remain at the pool unattended. We maintain and encourage a firm yet fair discipline policy.

SEASON: Mid-May thru Mid-September, see monthly calendar for details.  May and September will have limited hours.  Memorial Day through Labor Day we are open seven days a week.