2014 Lake Park Volleyball League

Lakepark Volleyball Rules

The following rules are the only rules recognized at Lakepark volleyball. Beach, AVP, etc rules do not apply, these trump all. 

Any question regarding a rule should be taken to the captains or commissioner. 

We will be doing odd/even numbers on one hand behind the back to start off. If you guess right you get to pick side or serve.

REMEMBER TO SWITCH SIDES AT 8 POINTS! Since we only play one game, that is important to remember.

1. Games will be played to 15, win by 2, capped at 19 (i.e. if the score is 19-18, game over.) There will be no timer, and the games will be within 30 minute timeslots, so please keep things moving.

2. The Up-Tempo Rule. In an attempt to keep games within time limits and enable our getting rid of the accursed timer, games must be played at an up-tempo pace. By all means, take a beer break when the ball goes in the creek, but once it is out and dried off, each team should be on the court ready to play. Primary responsibility to keep this pace up will be on the captains, but try and make their job easier by returning to the court in a timely fashion. No extended beer breaks when the ball is on the court and ready to play!

3. Captain’s Discussions. Any discussion of a questionable play or call is to be between CAPTAINS ONLY, if you have something to contribute, mention it to your captain, but he or she should be the only one discussing it with the opposing team. If an agreement cannot be reached the point is replayed.

4. Do Not Abuse the Replay Rule. As a player, if you know you committed a violation and the captains decide to replay it, please be honest and admit to the foul.

5. The No Girl Rule. There is no longer a punishment for not having a girl in the rotation. Most teams have plenty of girls and we do not anticipate this becoming an issue.

6. The Rotation Rule. Rotations are to be 1 for 1, not male for male and female for female. As one player comes off the court, the next player up comes back on, regardless of sex. Think of this as a big circle.

7. The Let Serve Rule. Let serves (serves where the ball hits the net and still comes over) are still allowed.

8. The Net Rule. As usual any net contact whatsoever made by a player kills the play immediately and loses the point for the team who made contact with the net.

8a. The Coming Under the Net Rule. You CAN come under the net provided you do not make contact or interfere with the opposing team in any way. If the opposing team cannot make a good play on the ball due to a player coming under, the point is lost for the offending team.

9. The Tree Rule. Anytime the ball touches a tree in any way, shape, or form; play out the point. The captains meet after to discuss. If no agreement can be reached, point is replayed. The purpose of this rule is to not assist or screw over a team because of a tree changing the trajectory of a. Despite popular belief, the purpose of this rule is not to promote everyone screaming “TREE RULE” every time a leaf tickles the ball… Though I’m sure that will continue anyway.

10. Talk to Your Captain, Not the Other Team. If you think a player carried, double hit, hit the net, etc take it to your captain who can take it to the opposing teams captain. Although this is Lakepark, and therefore plenty of trash talk will occur, please do not cross the line into “refereeing” the game with snide, insulting remarks, as these never result in happy endings.

11. Make Your Own Calls. To make the above rule easier, please call your own nets, doubles, carries, etc. Please also be aware that if you DO NOT make these calls yourself, the responsibility to do so falls upon your captain, who is an unpaid volunteer and does not deserve such abuse.

11a. Hands Rules Clarifications. Plase remember that ANY open handed, underhanded hit is technically illegal. Also, all of you indoor players (you know who you are) please remember that this is BEACH not indoor. Please do not “redirect” the ball, as this is an illegal open handed hit in Beach Volleyball. Poke, snake, etc, etc, but do not throw it.

12. The Driven Ball Rule. This is a new rule to Lakepark. Any “Driven Ball” (i.e. spike or serve) can be double hit in one motion. I.e. if, when attempting to bump a spike, the ball caroms off your arms and chest in one motion that is NOT a double, but a clean hit and still live (please note that you cannot chest the ball into the air and follow that up with another hit). Please also note that if a blocker tips the spike, even just grazing it with a pinky, this rule is no longer valid. I understand there will be a lot of questions on this rule, so we’ll be sure to go over it the first night.

13. The Kicking Rule. The rule continues to be that you cannot kick the ball and doing so stops play immediately. Even if your foot remains in contact with the ground throughout contact with the ball, play still stops and results in loss of point for offending team.

14. The 5 or 6 Players Rule. Whether a team plays with 5 or 6 players on the court at once is at the discretion of that team and captain. However, there will be no handicap given for playing with fewer than 6.

15. The No Ten Foot Line Rule. Since we do not have a ten foot line to judge this by, the back line cannot leave their feet to overhand hit a ball (i.e. spiking). Therefore if the back line gets a set, they must keep at least one foot planted on the ground. It doesn’t matter where the set is, back line, front line, in the woods, if a player who is on the back line is hitting it overhand, they must keep their feet while hitting.

16. The Coming Under to Play a Ball on the Other Side Rule. A few people have been experimenting with this, so I want to squash it now. At no point may you play a ball that is on the other side of the net, or that your team hit out on the other side and you are trying to save.

17. Coming Over The Net Rule. You cannot block a pass or set which is not coming over the net. I.e. if you up on the net, and the opposing setter is attempting to set their own player, you cannot block the set. Obviously you can attempt to block the spike, but you must allow the setter the opportunity to pass to their teammate.

18. The Forfeit Rule. If you have less than four players in a non-playoff game, you forfeit your match. You may pick up free agent players to play the match, but it will count as a loss on your record, and a win for the opposing team. Unlike years past, forfeits will not be counted as 21-0 victories, simply as wins and losses.