Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

It is essential that parents volunteer to support the activities of the Lake Park Swim Team. Please remember that the swim team needs your help – and more than once! We need help from all parents whether your child is a novice swimmer or a senior swimmer. The jobs are easy to learn and someone will always be there to help you. We have an EXCELLENT record of volunteering at Lake Park.

Thank you in advance for your support of our swim team this season!

Below is a brief description of each volunteer position:

TSA Representative *(1) – Represents Lake Park on the Tarheel Swimming Association (TSA). The representative attends monthly regular TSA meetings and assigned TSA committee meetings. The TSA Representative ensures that dual meets are executed according to TSA rules and resolves issues that arise during a dual meet, including weather issues, according to TSA procedures. (Appointed position)

Swimmer Check-in (3) – One volunteer will ensure that all swimmers arriving at the meet are checked in on the team list. Two volunteers will write the swimmer number on each arm of every swimmer to clearly identify them for the timers.

Announcer (1) – Calls swimmers to the clerk of course for each event, announces main events and updates score after each event. (Home swim meets only.)

Clerk of Course (2) – Get swimmers to the starting blocks for their events and ensure swimmers are in the correct heat. Also gets event sheets to the recorder before the main heat of each event. The Clerk of Course assistant helps keep the kids in place and also acts as backup.

Starter (1) – Starts each event with an appropriate starting device; asks whether judges and timers are ready; announces gender, distance and stroke; directs swimmers to “Take your mark.”; pauses to ensure no early start; gives starting signal and calls false start if needed. Starters must attend TSA training clinic. (Home swim meets only.)

Stroke and Turn Judges (2) – Makes sure that swimmers perform the stroke according to the regulations established by TSA. Stroke and Turn Judges must complete a TSA training clinic.

Place Judges (3) – Determine the first through sixth place swimmers in each event and handle any disputes about how the swimmers place. There are six place judges for each meet that judge only the main heats of each event. Our team covers three of these positions. The opposing team covers the other three positions. The first place judge runs a stop watch in order to capture the time of the winning swimmer in each event.

Recorder (1) – Finalizes place finishes from place judges and assists them in handling any disputes about swimmer placings. Records place finishes and winning time on the event sheets. (Home swim meets only.)

Runner (1-2) – Responsible for taking disqualification slips from the stroke & turn judges to the scorer. Delivers the event sheets from the clerk of course to the recorder prior to the start of an event and then from the recorder to the scorer’s table after the event is complete.

Scorer/Team & Pool Records*(1)– Present at each meet (can practice at Blue/Whte). Prepare score sheets for each meet. During each meet the scorer neatly records 1,2,3 & 4 place winners in each main heat. The scorer also records disqualifications from each event and scores on the score sheet. (Requires specialized training) Also keeps track of team and pool records during meet. Keeps announcer apprised of score and any new records. Upon conclusion of meet, updates team and pool record board.

Time Sheets/Hy-Tek Data*– Collects Timer sheets upon conclusion of each meet and inputs data into database. Prints out reports of times for each swimmer and posts at the pool. Keeps track of points for Keever awards.

Heat Winner and Participant Ribbons (2) – Hand out heat winner and participant ribbons to swimmers that are not swimming in main heats in the 10 and under age group events. (Home swim meets only)

Ribbon Writer (2) – Completes the forms on the back of each ribbon (name, event, etc.) for the main heats from the event sheets provided by the Recorder.

Timers (6-10, depending on the number of lanes at the pool) – Time all the swimmers in the lane assigned. Our team will have timers in half the lanes at each meet. Two timers are assigned to each lane. One person operates the watch and the other records times.

Relief/Backup Timers (6-10) – Times the second half of the meet or takes over for timers who need to leave the meet early or who need to take a break during the meet. Also may be required to step in if a timer is late or cannot make it to the meet at the last minute.

Head Timer (1) – Runs two backup stop watches in case a regular timer doesn’t get a time for a swimmer. The Head Timer must be able to run two stop watches simultaneously. (Home swim meets only)

Kid Pushers (6) – Find and takes swimmers in their assigned gender and age group to the Clerk of Course when the announcer calls their event. Also assists Clerk of Course in organizing swimmers in the correct order according to their heat on the benches or seats in the starting area. One volunteer required for each gender/age group up to and including our 9-10 swimmers.

Lane Pushers (3) – Works with Clerks of Course from both teams behind the starting blocks to keep swimmers in the proper order so that the starter can keep the meet running quickly. Lane pushers will be responsible for monitoring two lanes each.

Concessions (6) – Work in the concessions area during the meet. Every effort will be made to ensure that concession volunteers see their children swim their events at the meet. (Home swim meets only)

Banquet Volunteers – Our banquet committee will be in charge of facilitating the end of year banquet. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated for this great event.

Fundraising Volunteers – Our fundraising committee is in need of volunteers to help with this important activity. The swim team registration fee is kept low by supplementing the budget with fundraising activities like the Triathlon, Book Sale, Silent Auction, Penny Wars and donations from our Sponsors.

Merchandise – Determines which items will be sold to team members, chooses swim caps and T- shirt designs, and places orders with vendors.

Newsletter- Edits newsletter and writes some articles for weekly newsletter. There are 8 editions; one prior to start of season, one each week of season, and one final after banquet. Works with concessions, fundraising, record keepers and others to get information into the newsletter.

Treasurer– Collects all checks, cash and monies received by team. Makes all Deposits and verifies reimbursements. Prepares yearly budget report and provides a preliminary budget for following year.

Trophies/Plaques– Orders and delivers trophies /plaques for presentation to swimmers at banquet. Obtains list of meets attended from Time Sheet person to verify eligibility.

Volunteer Coordinator- Coordinates volunteers for each meet and blue/white meet utilizing “sign-up genius” program on-line.   Makes sure all equipment is functioning and all spots are filled to ensure a smooth running meet.

*The TSA rep, Time Sheet Data and Scorer work together at the conclusion of each meet to determine who will scan the time sheets and distribute electronically to the others. Home TSA rep reports results to TSA website.